Devault is nothing short of impressive…   What started as a creative hobby in the calm scenes of Orange County   soon became a personal quest to form something bigger than a unique   venture — a modern grunge-esque landscape that takes integral   instrumentation with an out of the box like sound design and casts   visuals that would be reminiscent of an earlier time where rawness and   vulnerability was glorified. The desire to create music and becoming   an electronic artist has always been a hidden pulse in his life,   whether it stemmed from his early obsessions over analyzing the blend   of fashion, film, and music altogether. It’s no longer a search for   genre, but rather an evolving sound, appreciating the trials of young   adulthood at age 21 and letting him and his audience grow into   something beyond a young man and his music.   “Everything is so accessible now that it has become quite unique to   get my point across outside of just my music catalogue,” he notes.   “I’m able to showcase various arts to my audience beyond sound that   can convey my thoughts and past emotions. The world I’m creating is   vast but specific. Dark emotion and vibrant energy in perfect   sequence, and as time presses forward, it will only become more narrow   and focused.”   With a large demand for new material and talks of a grand live   presence, Devault is showing signs of the modern new wave splash on   the industry that is taking hold. His current mid-tempo electronica   flare has caught ears and leaves the next chapter as exciting as the   first.